Angel Poyel

The guardian angel Poyel, a symbol of power and knowledge🌟😍
👼 A male angel, Poyel protects its natives from speech problems by offering unfailing support.
Fame as well as fortune and success punctuate the lives of those protected by this guardian angel. ☀️☀️🥰
Always in a good mood, Poyel grants you a joie de vivre in the face of all trials.
He protects you from the influence of others and the aggressiveness of some.❤️
Invoke Poyel if you wish to be protected from vanity. He preserves you, in fact, from feelings of inferiority or superiority. To attract abundance in all areas, you can also rely on Poyel.
If you feel a dip in morale, you can invoke Poyel to find happiness in your heart. ❤️❤️
Note that he also keeps away diseases. It preserves you from judgments if you have speech problems and helps you overcome them.❤️🌟🌟


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