Angel Yabamiah

The guardian angel Yabamiah, symbol of alchemy and transmutation🌟🤍
Yabamiah provides success, His name means “God who produces all things”.
It offers its natives inspiration and creativity, making it easier to launch projects. 🌟❤️
Thanks to its power of regeneration, it helps to restore harmony and transform evil into 🤩
If you are struggling to determine a goal, you can invoke Yebamiah🌟.
He will be of great help to you to refocus on your project.
Yebamiah can also support you if you are afraid of death and allows you to better accompany the dying. Symbolizing transmutation, he helps indeed to leave the physical body for a spiritual body.
The guardian angel Yabamiah grants :
Creativity 🌟🌟❤️

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