Celia Bright

I am multipotential and I wear many hats: hypnosis therapist, Phoenix Capacity Method, family constellation practitioner, painter, writer, speaker …
I mainly use hypnosis and creative visualization to promote a better communication with the body and thus restore an emotional and psycho-corporal harmony. You are totally actor of the session, the communication is facilitated between your body and your emotions, like a dance that can finally take place.

I like to use cards, oracles, photolange, systemic and all that I have learned, experienced and which can be helpful for the consultant.

My coaching allows me to :

Effectively manage stress, anxiety, sleep, tension, compulsions, etc… based on active listening to body feelings.
This by establishing a dialogue with the body and the emotions, in particular with the blocked or suffering zones.
Discover the most appropriate inner resources to improve inner, emotional or cellular regeneration (healing, muscle recovery…)

You become the explorer of your internal regulation systems, you discover and mobilize your own internal resources, by questioning the wisdom of the body in order to promote the inner dialogue. The sensations of the body and its metaphors guide you throughout the session. My voice accompanies you throughout the session.

Everything is linked, my approach is systemic (everything is linked: body, soul, spirit, and we are inhabited by our conscious and unconscious sub-personalities) and symbolic, the unconscious addresses us through symbols.


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