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FOOD ADDITIVES, What the labels hide
Hélène Barbier Du Vimont

The light given by the labeling of food products is often nebulous. It often provides unclear information on the many additives contained in the food products we buy. The meaning of the letters and numbers used is not very accessible to the consumer.
Hélène Barbier Du Vimont offers a complete guide to the codes used in the food industry to designate these added substances, most often for preservation or taste stability purposes, and whose presence we sometimes ignore due to lack of information.
It distinguishes between chemical and natural products.
It gathers the necessary information to recognize the substances recognized as harmless, dubious, or sometimes harmful to our health.

An interesting book to discover at the time of making the inventory of our food stocks…

The great DETOX cure
Benson Caroline
“Goodbye fatigue, pain and weight – 11 keys to top health

Caroline Benson presents her personal method of getting back to health, and delivers a list of essential tools whose use promotes well-being and improves the functioning of our body. The method is presented in the form of a cure that combines dietary rebalancing, meditation and lifestyle changes.

Defeating food allergies
Bettez Marie-Josée, Théroux Eric
“Recipes and Findings

This is a book of recipes developed by the parents of a little boy whose traditional meals generated multiple allergies, with serious consequences, threatening his vital balance at every meal.
Based on their experience, they offer to those who need it, an essential tool to adapt their daily cooking and to eliminate the allergenic substances that are responsible for very invasive forms of allergy.
At the same time as they provide their recipes, they also offer many useful tips and tricks for replacing the most frequently used allergenic products, while preserving the pleasure of taste, so that everyone can have the joy of eating their meals in complete peace of mind.

Food biochemistry
Ph. Collas

This is a purely scientific book that deals with the biochemical principles inherent in the basic components of our food.
Carbohydrates, Lipids, Peptides and proteins are studied according to their biochemical composition.
The last chapter is devoted to the biochemistry of water.

Knowledge of foods
Food and nutritional basis of dietetics.
Emilie Fredot

This book is intended for teaching food knowledge in the context of professional dietetic training.
After an overview of the processes used for food preservation, the entire spectrum of basic foodstuffs is covered, including beverages and new food technologies.
It is a collection of scientific information, produced in accordance with the technical education program officially recognized by the current authorities.

I treat myself with mesonutrients
Anne Dufour, Catherine Dupin, Raphaël Gruman

The authors (a journalist specializing in nutrition, a fan of gourmet cooking who graduated from the Cooking Academy of the Atelier des Sens, and a nutritionist specializing in micro-nutrition) offer a practical and comprehensive tool to better understand and use mesonutrients, “superfoods” to be favored to fill up on energy, and access a better state of health.
First, there are a few explanations, and a scrupulous inventory of the most common products, rich in mesonutrients.
The analysis of the properties of each food is enriched with a cocktail of culinary recipes aimed at preserving the integrity of its “supernutritive” value.
The authors then propose a substantial chapter that links numerous pathologies to the mesonutrients that are indicated for improvement.
At the end of the book, a complete dietary program, combined with complementary exercises including yoga sessions, is proposed for a period of 7 days.

The unbearable truth about water
Jacques Collin

I will take the time to read it…
This one interests me a lot… at the crossroads between the visible and the invisible… and at the heart of what I study… communication with water… to calm the fire and free the air in complete safety…


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