Energetic Cleansing Method

By Pascale De Romemont

Lying down or sitting, connect to your breath.

Breathe in 3 times deeply, inhale, exhale.

With each inhalation you will visualize a beautiful white light, filled with small shining stars that enters through your coronal chakra, spreads and fills your lungs.

This energy flows through your entire body, freeing the cells that have been suffocated by too much stress… Your cells receive this new energy and are covered with this information.

See this energy cleaning your memories, your past marked by difficult events, beliefs, fears.

The energy will spontaneously move to the areas to be cleansed, you can accompany it by visualizing it, see it swirl around your body, take up space and feel your energy increase, expand.

You become large and luminous, you radiate with all your being… put on some music that activates your vibrations to go up.

Now you are connected to more beautiful frequencies…


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