Essay – “4:44”

Gaia is governed by waves, vibrations or energies.
The music you listen to, if it resonates with your being, will resonate with Gaia a hundredfold.
Gaia is happy to help you but she feels each of your vibrations and she asks you to either dance in your head or physically and feel the vibrations that the music gives you.
Choose a dance music, a melody, a rhythm and go for it. Some of your movements will not be your movements, let yourself go as Gaia guides you.
Ascension is not about going on a helicopter or a space shuttle. Ascension is here and now on Earth and it is the elevation of your level of consciousness. Your level of Peace, Joy and inner Love will make the difference: start to take out your music devices and materialize your joy.
Oh I forgot, smile, the matrix is filming you but not for long!
So beautiful musical frequencies. You have all the confidence of Gaia.



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