Essay – “Elohim”

July 31, 2021
My name is Elohim.
Eons ago I was sent to Earth to be a Creator, me and my companion Elora.
“I wish you to let your imagination run wild and create the beautiful, the fantastic and more” said the Divine Source.
The task seemed easy and wonderful, so I started to create many animal, vegetable and human creatures.
I was happy because all these creations were harmonious, full of life and an infinite love emanated from each of them.
During this time, Elora who was gentle, kind and adventurous gave birth to our son: One. We loved each other dearly and shared moments of ecstasy over our creations. As for Un, he grew up with creative gifts comparable to his parents.
Over time, our creations attracted visitors from all over the galaxy and the Universe and several members of the galactic council began to suggest that a library be created that would record all the species created on Earth so that any visitor from another planet or star could stop by Earth and bring back some of the DNA from these beautiful creations to use.
With our creations, a lot of positive energy was created and this energy began to spread throughout the Universe as a huge wave of Joy, Peace and Love.
However, I had forgotten that everything is balance and soon beings from many black holes in the Universe came to Earth to understand how to live in balance with this new energy. They tried to capture the essence of this energy rather than embrace it and mutate with it.
This choice, opposed to the infinite creation we were tasked with, quickly turned into drama. One night two of these dark beings seized One without my or Elora’s knowledge. They knew that One was our personal creation and began to abuse him. What followed was terrible.
Elora and I found our son bruised and lifeless. A fit of terrible fury seized my mind. With one thought, one single thought, I created a formidable weapon and used it for the first time to kill these dark beings after having chased them. From then on, a great emptiness came over me and my connection with The Source was broken.
Elora blamed me for not being there to save One in time and decided to go back to where we came from. She cut off our celestial alliance and promised never to return.
Soon after, our creations changed: the positive energies they emanated diminished and other dark beings appeared on Earth, but this time with warlike intentions. They killed me and took over the Earth’s library. By the time the Galactic Council realized the attack, it was too late. “The free will of Elohim has spoken,” they said, “Earth must experience duality in order to learn from it, for such is the Universal Law that governs our worlds.
Although my body was dead, my divine spark reached The Source who confirmed the following: “I wish to give you many new chances, including the chance to participate in the recreation of the Earth as you created it, but in several thousand years. For this, you will have to go to the end of your anger by winning the wars that I will give you to win, you will also have to protect the children you know and especially you will have to regain the trust of the women you know and protect them by any means necessary.
For nearly 8,000 lives, I have become angry on battlefields both ancient and contemporary. I have protected children and women with strength and sometimes great cunning.
In this life, I return to help break out of the duality I have experienced and which has confined me for millennia. I am looking for the middle way and could only reach it with the souls who have experienced this duality and who are guided by The Divine Source.
We are all Father or Mother, but above all we are “One”. We are children in search of oneness. It is this oneness that we are in the process of finding on Earth.
The women and men of Gaia call this Awakening, in the Universe we call this finding our Truth and it is this that connects us to the Divine Source in Love.

*** Translated with (free version) from the original French version ***


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