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The heart

We have 3 brains: the heart, the intestine and the brain.

The heart is the first thing that comes to our attention after 6 weeks, when it begins to beat in the embryo.
It is of utmost importance to understand that our heart is not only a pump to circulate blood in our body, it is also the seat of our emotions, of our attention, linked to our heart chakra.
Its electromagnetic field is the strongest in the body, it is 5000 times more important than that of our brain.
The intestine begins to form as early as the 4th week of the egg’s development and generates more than 200 million neurons.
The brain comes last and starts its development from the 7th week. It contains nevertheless 100 billion neurons.
What interests us here is the heart chakra, the link with the heart.
The role of the heart is Love and Compassion, the ability to give and receive love, unconditional love, unity, compassion, kindness, self-love, peace, trust, spiritual development, forgiveness.

In its reversed aspect, the heart will express fear of love, intimacy, fear of being touched physically, fear of opening up to others, fear of giving and receiving, confusion of feelings, misunderstandings, argument.
In harmony, the heart shows impersonal feelings and unconditional love, empathy, goodwill, compassion, devotion, humility, openness, outgoing feelings, altruistic giving, and selflessness.
How to activate the heart.
Heart chakra visualization exercise:
Heart coherence exercise with the Diaphragm by keeping your attention on the heart with your hands resting on it.
Inhale through the nose while visualizing oxygen coming in through the heart, exhale through the mouth while visualizing oxygen of grayish color going out through the heart.
Inhale for 5 seconds – hold air for 5 seconds – exhale air for 5 seconds – hold air for 5 seconds. So 4 Times 5 seconds.
To be performed 5 times in a row. This exercise re-oxygenates the lungs, heart, and brain, recharges the heart chakra with oxygen, and thus restarts the process of connecting to the thymus by calming the body and mind.
Smile to your cells and smile to your inner child.
We stay in the posture hands on the heart and we smile with our eyes and mouth…
Then connect to your inner child (choose a favorite childhood period) then go to meet him, take him in your arms as if he were your child, and with your words, tell him how much you love him.
Embrace him with tenderness and kindness, then recount with him all that you have accomplished so far together, as well as the beautiful person you have become, then share together the projects and dreams you intend to live, and thus realize all that you still have to experience in the future.
Then once your heart is filled with loving-kindness for yourself, send love to those you love!
Raise your vibratory rate in harmony with the frequency of universal love, feel the joy, the vibration in your heart, in your body, in your heart chakra.
Then make a prayer of love and peace for the earth, those who live on it, humans, animals; and visualize the world happy and healthy, praying in the present tense as if your request to the universe had already been realized.

Good heart connection….

With all my heart,

Pascale De Romemont


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