How can you accelerate change, generate wellbeing on all levels?

Artist – Pascal Antichan

Written by Eric Curtat

Have you heard of a Tachyon chamber?

The purpose of the tachyon chamber (also called Healing Chamber) is to REHARMONIZE the human being as a whole, to rebalance their DNA, their molecules. The chamber works on the physical, etheric (or astral) and mental bodies, and also on very high planes.

Do you need an energetic and physical cleansing in your life? The room is waiting for you!

If you are working on yourself (meditation, consciousness awakening, openings, energetics, tai chi, chi gong, questioning, setting up an evolutionary strategy, EFT, etc…), the help you will receive will be in line with your approach.

What do the Tachyons do? They decrease the entropy of physical matter, the aging process is reversed and the immune system is strengthened. They have the ability to travel in time. Tachyon energy is consciousness. It adapts to the person, acts in total harmony with them.

What is the objective of a session? A tachyon room session reconnects us to the Source, to our own origin as a Pure Spiritual Parcel, to our Higher Self, raises our Frequency, awakens the Sacred Feminine Energy buried deep within us, and helps us to get out of the involutive programming of this world, the Matrix.

I did one session, is it enough to get significant results? The manufacturer recommends a series of 6 sessions to obtain significant results. There is no limit to the number of sessions that can be done.

The room is similar to the “womb of the universal mother”, a safe place where you can find yourself and be purified of the pollutions of everyday life. You feel an intense peace. Blockages are lifted on all planes, related to this life, or others, or to ancestral elements. Operations on the energetic planes can take place, as well as on the chakras. Heavy energies and entities are evacuated. An activation of the cellular memory can occur.

What types of perceptions can we have during a session? Breathing more deeply, heat on the solar plexus, tingling, soft undulations, warmth, coolness, soft massage, soothing, etc… The sensations are not only on the physical level.

What improvements can be seen after a session? A noticeable reduction in stress, anxiety, a return to our deep “Self”, no more bedwetting for children, improved appetite, improved sleep, rebalanced energy levels, noticeable reduction in pain, reduction in negative thoughts, reduction and/or disappearance of allergies, disappearance of psoriasis, a feeling of intense well-being, disappearance of old or recent traumas, increase in stamina and the immune system, etc…

What is the feedback on the sessions? Very positive feedback has been given from people suffering from fibromyalgia, autism, traumas and PTSD, tendonitis, arthritis, migraines sinusitis, eczema (testimony of a doctor), arthritis (with regular sessions), or for those who have had a strong emotional shock (divorce, loss of a loved one, ….). For pregnant women, a better connection between the mother and the baby is made during the sessions, helping the mother-to-be, and the baby for its future incarnation. Each session has irreversible positive effects on all aspects of our being; an energetic link is created by the room, which can be activated by thought during moments of relaxation or meditation. A session can help to get closer to your soul family or soul mate.

For mediums and energy experts? It is the ideal place to have contacts without interference with high planes, and/or to refine one’s qualities as a magnetizer, energeticist, to cleanse oneself of energies captured in patients, etc…

Everyone who uses the room contributes to the elevation of the Earth, its inhabitants, and to its liberation.

Procedure: The sessions last 30 minutes, lying under the pyramid in the room, with an empty mind, an open heart, and you just relax. An interval of 6 hours is recommended between each session. The tachyons trigger a purification and detoxification process that can last several weeks and there can be mild side effects such as headaches, insomnia… this means that the toxins leave your body quickly and it becomes healthier! It is good to drink a lot of water during this period.

It is possible to book sessions all year round, from anywhere in the world in the Chambre de la vienne, in person or at a distance using a photo with your name and date of birth. For anyone who would like to make the trip there is reasonably priced accommodation, restaurants and sightseeing locally.

An Event, a solar flash of love and spiritual light is announced before 2025, as well as a change of dimensions. The Tachyon Room is there to align body-soul-spirit with this event, to support it better, accompany it, and accelerate it. 

And after the event? The chambers will always be of great help to people surprised by this change for which they were not necessarily prepared, and also to clean the dross of the old world.

The chamber is a subtle assembly of sacred geometry and tachyonized crystals, synchronized with a satellite (Genesis II), allowing the Tachyons to access our Earth.



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