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The word of an Ethnomedical doctor

by Patrick Shan

Although largely controversial in the rational western scientific world, acupuncture has evolved over the ages in terms of technique, indications and objectives.

Through his book, Patrick Shan has set himself the task of shedding light on the long and arduous journey of a medicine that contemporary science still struggles to understand, as its practice differs so much from one practitioner to another, bringing a multitude of results that are difficult to evaluate with the tools at its disposal.

From traditional acupuncture, faithful to the precepts of traditional Chinese medicine, to school acupuncture, so named because of the great diversity of the teachings offered, through surgical acupuncture, used in Chinese hospitals and associated with the latest techniques in neurological medicine, reflex acupuncture, which teaches a few basic techniques to be used on an ad hoc basis to reduce the suffering of everyone, and New-Age acupuncture, which attempts, in the search for well-being, to bring together the useful and the pleasurable, Patrick Shan offers a biography of a practice that is as diverse as its practitioners have been over the years.

Practical Acupuncture
J-F Borsarello

Because the digestion of all the teachings of acupuncture, as they were translated by the masters who ensured their transmission to the West, can take years, J-F Borsarello proposes a diagnostic tool, allowing its user to have another look at his theoretical knowledge and to orient himself towards injections and care protocols more adapted to the consultant.

J-F Borsarello

Published in the ABREGES collection, this book provides basic information on the practice of Chinese medicine according to the ancient tradition.
Borsarello specifies that the ancient laws appear as a “direct reflection of the most recent scientific discoveries”.

Acupuncture Abstracts
AGMAR (Association Romande des Médecins Acupuncteurs)
Drs Bernard De Wurstemberger, Robert Dubois, J-P Roux, Marcel Schuler

This book is the result of 10 years of experience as a medical trainer in the framework of the mission for Acupuncture Sans Frontières-SUISSE in Burkina Faso.
It is presented by the authors as “an educational document containing the basic principles of Chinese medicine”.
It was designed to be a “useful and effective therapeutic tool”, briefly presenting all the basic knowledge required if we want to practice acupuncture adapted to medical practice in developing countries.
It is available to teachers in all ASF training centers.


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