Listen to Silence

I want to share with you these thoughts on the Silence, without it being the truth of course. It will resonate according to each person. And that’s fine.
I am enjoying this moment of solitude, in the heart of this peaceful and quiet place where nature surrounds me, nourishes me with its majestic beauty.
In the tumult of our time, it seems fundamental to me to be silent for a few moments…
Silence of words, emotions, thoughts to discover the inner silence.
Without silence the human soul is exhausted, it cannot conquer itself harmoniously and cohabit with our body in a peaceful way.
Inner silence has the ability to transform the exterior, all noises are no longer noises, they are transformed into silence.
Silence penetrates our body, our whole being, “without making any noise”, it is the meeting between the external and internal silence. They become one.
The magic is no longer listening to silence, it is Being silent. There is no longer any difference between inner and outer silence because we have created Unity within ourselves. We discover the experience of the ONE.
It is then the Self, in our true depth, sublime, that I meet.
One would have to be deaf not to hear the silence! Even the deaf hear! …(a silence or not) .
Deaf to Soi M’aime, and to its deep being, to the Divine which is in us, which is us.
The silence is perhaps God who acts, as “the soul acts”.
This silence becomes an alchemical work penetrating all the smallest recesses of our interior space, letting appear some sounds to better return and appreciate the silence.
It makes all that IS vibrate.
And here we are at the meeting of the vibration and the silence, we navigate unceasingly between these worlds.
I look at this landscape in this great silence and everything vibrates, from the peaks turned towards the Sky, to the bottom of the valleys.
The experience of Silence can be an experience of emptiness or of fullness.
It will be a question of opening the Ear of the Heart, it would be our 3rd ear as we have the 3rd eye.

Pascale de Romémont


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