The Foot Symbolism

By Pascale de ROMEMONT

Having become interested in “symbolic” language, in the sources of symbols: readings and studies in psychotherapy, in particular the study of founding texts, myths and authors such as Jung, Marie Balmary, Annick de Souzenelle, Michel Odoul … lead me to offer you some modest ones
fragments of reflection on the symbolism of the foot.

So I cannot let go of what nourished me and shaped my experience.

Jung says “the more critical reason prevails, the poorer life becomes; but the more we are able to
make aware what is unconscious and what is myth, the greater the quantity of life we
let’s integrate. Myths are originally revelations of the preconscious soul … “

I think reflexology is also a way to bring awareness, it cannot be reduced to a stimulation of reflex zones. The challenge will be to go and see what is hidden behind the evils, the pain before going to recovery if not to well-being.

Here is therefore to introduce a symbolic dimension *, which can be a source of great help in the
understanding of our existence.

*The symbol comes from the Greek sumbolon which means sign of recognition. The symbol allows
to broaden the initial meaning; he figures and represents another reality of himself and allows thought to develop their capacities and qualities of abstraction.

A foot has the shape of a germ, the shape of what a man is has his starting point in his whole potentiality when bathing in matrix waters.

If the feet are reminiscent of the party (it’s the foot, have fun), for Annick de Souzenelle, the feet of the man are injured.

I will recall to our memories some events of mythology and biblical myth:
Oedipus whose name means swelling foot,
Eve wounded in the foot by the snake,
Or Achilles or the vulnerable heel.

This is what Annick de Souzenelle says in her book “the symbolism of the human body”.

“Everything happens as if, instead of going up the tree, for their just realization, the energies of the man were draining at the feet, through the gaping hole of a wound. “

This is why humanity, through its sacred books, its myths and its tales, expresses painfully his mistake in dragging a foot hurt with Oedipus, vulnerable with Achilles, bitten by the serpent with Eve.

But the story does not end there.

It foreshadows the first fruits of a healing with Jacob holding in his hand (see below), in his birth, the heel of his brother Esau.

Then Mary Magdalene anoint the feet of Christ … (Mary Magdalene is the symbol of transmutation and healing).

On the physical level, the feet potentiate the whole body. This is why the art of acupuncture,
is practical at the level of the feet. In this perspective the toes correspond to the part cephalic of the body, the heel the foundation.

In an even greater crunch of the optics, the thumb of the foot can be seen as a small foot all by itself.

(See the tale of Petit Poucet…).

In Marathi, the word foot means, “the beginning of the moment”, to find the first outpouring of consciousness.
However, the foot is linked to childhood and specifically intrauterine childhood, as we have seen above.

The word child in Greek is said Pais-Paidos, very close to the word pied Pous-Podos, in Hebrew, there would be the perfect homonymy, therefore intimate relationship.

This wound is called to be healed if not cured, mean symbolically for the moment.

In Genesis, still considering it as a myth to be deciphered, Jacob grabs the heel of his twin brother, (twinness symbolizing the two aspects of man), animal and divine, thus the translation of this text would tend to say that when these two aspects are united and mastered, head and heel, man go towards healing.

Then we all know the story of Christ washing the feet of his disciples: “he healed the wound of humanity, of which symbolically the feet are carriers, because they potentiate the whole being sick ” (see the text in the scriptures (Isaiah, I, 5-7) translated from Hebrew by Annick de Souzenelle.

It is again Mary Magdalene “throwing herself at the feet” of Christ, Moses taking off his shoes in front of the burning bush or Muslims taking their shoes off at the entrance to the mosque.

Thus the perfume of Mary Magdalene on the feet is the symbol of the healing of which humanity would be ultimately holder …

In a more prosaic way, I move with my feet, I set up a project, I lose my footing, I don’t know which foot to dance on anymore, I have a good footing… dragging my feet … With swollen feet …

Why the feet?

The years spent dancing have emerged as an obvious relationship between the overwhelming need to understand this body that is given to us and to see in it the “vehicle” of a greater dimension … hidden.

The importance of the feet in the dance, all that they “offer” us, beyond the suffering that we have in them bluntly inflicts, possible justifies that one can question their real function physical, energetic, and symbolic.

So I asked myself what were the symbolic “values” of the body in general.

When it comes to the feet, why is there so much enthusiasm today for the feet and reflexology.

So I wanted to know more about what I saw as a melting pot of connections to oneself and to anchoring.

During the massages, the perception felt during the work on the feet awakened memories, Personal “frustrations” and different sensations both in the person massaged and sometimes on

As if arrived at the feet, the information of the body, its language manifested itself more clearly.

The feet seem to speak at birth, (the child “decides” to be born by pushing with the feet), childhood, roots, transgenerational, inheritance, state of health, they say what the other parts
of the body do not mean, they do not lie.

They say the blockages and the sufferings, the hopes.

They are the obvious link with the earth, daily contact is made through them, they are our earth, they simply move us forward both physically and symbolically.

The sensitivity of the feet is such in some people that it is sometimes the only time to take of consciousness with his body.

That’s why I start and end the massages by touching my feet.

Why Reflexology?

We could be satisfied with massaging the feet in a “random” way to relax and with an intention.
benefits for the person. It could have been enough. The intention is of course essential, necessary but far from sufficient.

Only when we are in front of the soles of the feet, the impact of energy from the foot to the rest of the body is said immediately.

It was necessary to go further and deepen the subject.

What I do not regret.

And the more you learn, the better.

Knowledge is infinite… It makes you humble. The more we learn, the more humility comes as a
obvious and like a precious gem.

I enjoyed the lessons and they allowed me to deepen the more anatomical and physiological area
essential for those who want to help others, as well as themselves.

Contrary to what it seems, I discovered a very sophisticated method.

I now practice reflexology in my work.


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