The Grief Curve

The curve of mourning does not only concern the loss of a loved one, it can be the loss of a job, of a relationship, of a stage of life, of a type of behavior (compulsion, addiction …), of a place, of a situation, of the ideal father, of the ideal spouse …

Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, a Swiss-American psychiatrist, specialized in palliative care, has been in contact with people at the end of life. Thanks to this experience, she has identified a model that can be adapted to many situations. Indeed, one can feel stuck, blocked in one’s life without being able to touch what is wrong. This reading allows the consultant to know where he/she stands and the steps to take. There may be an area of life (personal, professional, friendship, couple, financial, family) in which one has not finished something, there may be one or more things left to finish.

Elisabeth Kübler-Ross has identified 5 stages:

Stage 1 – denial of shock

Stage 2 – anger/fear

Stage 3 – sadness/depression

Stage 4 – search for meaning/trying/acceptance

Stage 5 – serenity/new strength/hidden gift

This allows one to let go of guilt and accept that there is a path forward and that it is Ok. What we feel is normal and this at each step, emotions are to be welcomed and lived fully, as long as this is not done, they are repressed and projected on other situations or people who come in echo to what suffers inside and which could not be expressed.

Hypnosis allows this secure framework to go to the meeting of these stages, the therapist via his practice accompanies you in order to release and cross what needs to be.

Her books: Les étapes du deuil, Les derniers instants de vie, La mort est une question vitale.


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