The New Aromatherapy

Inspired by Philippe Mailhebiau’s book

Written by Pascale de Romémont

All theory is grey,

But green and flourishing is the tree of life.


What the eyes see is not a cure;

When distillation has transformed the plant,

Then the remedy will become manifest.



We all know Aromatherapy.

An oil used for such and such a symptom

For example :

Citrus Aurantium or Bitter Orange has a well-known spasmolytic action, useful for nervous and tense people. However, it has other properties.

The new aromatherapy has the particularity of being based on symbolism, vibratory, the whole spectrum of the essence and Chinese medicine.

But first, let’s recall some basic principles

There are an estimated 800,000 botanical species, only some of which contain enough aromatic molecules to be called “aromatic plants” that can give off a specific scent.

A short reminder of the genesis of the essence within the plant.

The chlorophyll, green pigment, captures photons. It splits the water molecule into hydrogen and oxygen. The hydrogen combines with the carbon dioxide absorbed by the plant to form various sugars that create complex molecular structures:

Terpenes, monoterpenes, phenylpropanes, phenols, ketones, oxides…..

It is a biochemical family.

The essential oil is a natural extract obtained by distillation.

An essential oil must therefore be botanically and biochemically defined (or HEBB).

Approach of an aromatic psychobiology

What interests us here is the approach to the psycho-spiritual structure of man.

It is fundamental to integrate archetypal and universal concepts to approach the new Aromatherapy

1. Foundation and spiritual genesis of the psycho-spiritual approach of the new aromatherapy.

The psycho-spiritual approach to man refers to the different aspects of the human personality: mental, emotional, physical or intellectual, heart and will.

This refers to the Father, Mother, Child.

Creative power: thoughts; Formative power: feelings; Realizing power: acts.

This trinity is related to 3 elements: Air, water, and earth, that is 1 in 3.

The mental, emotional, physical triad is a basic teaching of religious traditions and is found in most sacred books.

Gospel of Matthew: Ask and it will be given to you, seek and you will find, knock and it will be opened.

The intellect seeks (mental world)

The heart asks (sentimental world)

The will knocks (physical world)

The word of the Gospel begins by asking and it will be opened, the profound teaching of this word is to ask with the heart.

This love balances fear with the power of wisdom.

Essential oils have the particularity to respond to this triad and to act accordingly on these 3 levels.

It is thus a question of leaving the symptomatic framework.

The idea is to create a state of balance between the 3 levels.

Each external food whatever it is must be able to act on these 3 plans, it is the same of the aromatherapy.

2. How is this possible?

Analysis of the biochemical families of essential oils.

Each essential oil is composed of different molecules with different proportions. These molecules will have the quality to interact more on the physical, emotional or mental level.

For example the phenols act at the bottom of the triangle on the earth element while the molecules called oxides act on the air element and the aldehydes on the water element.

This will give water emotional aspect, air mental aspect, and earth physical aspect, finding our basic trilogy, that is 1 in 3.

The fire element contains the 3 in 1 and corresponds to the unitary aspect.

All the aromatic molecules of the plant essences are organized according to the 3 planes and result from an analysis including both their physico-chemical properties and their psycho-sensory influence which they can exert and on which the principles of the characterology of the Essences are based.

They are called Aromafrequencies

This energetic technique brings harmonization on the following levels:

– Physical-emotional-psychic.

– The feeling of well-being is quickly felt and is gradually and durably established.

– Emotional and psychic appeasement

– Relief of the physical body

– Improved quality of sleep

– Increased capacity for resistance

– Management of decision making

– Overcoming of difficult passages

The aromatic oils reinforce the energetic potential by distributing the energies via the meridians and towards the organs according to the law of the 5 elements.

In case of physical or psychic blockage, feeling of impediment, the application of a well-identified AROMAfréquence has the function of stimulating vital energy and maintaining energy potential.

This presentation is obviously not complete, it just gives an overview and allows to understand that nature has the power to act on different levels and to treat energetic problems.

The new aromatherapy is based on the vibratory aspect on the one hand, the essence of the plant is information, it transmits vibratory information.

On the other hand, it will also include Chinese Medicine. The meridians will be used as supports for the essential oils, the link being made at the symbolic and energetic level thanks to the information.

The imposition of oils on the acupuncture points will allow the revival of energies, the unblocking of emotions, memories…

For example:

The water element will transmute the energy 4 drops placed on the 22 Vessel conception will dissipate the fears…

The Earth element will manage the harmony and put on the 8 Conception Vessel will harmonize the digestion as well on the physical as emotional level.


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