The Phoenix Capacity Method®

I like to practice Method created by Dominique Espaze, teacher at l’Arche. This method uses creative visualization techniques to promote better communication with the body and thus restore emotional and psycho-corporal harmony. You are totally involved in the session, communication is facilitated between your body and your emotions, like a dance that can finally take place.

What I like :

this method is very respectful of the other: no induction, no suggestion, no script, no metaphors brought by the practitioner. The practitioner takes care of his energy and his total presence to welcome the unconscious content of his consultant and like a guide of the crossings, brings him to the fixed objective (session intention). The practitioner calls upon the Wisdom of the body and the Wisest part of the consultant. In reality, there are at least 3 of us during a session, or even more, because when the unconscious world awakens, each part of the consultant may have things to say, to reveal, to confide. It may be the wounded part that comes to express itself, the creative part that screams to be heard, the belly that has things to share or the brain that shows itself as a pressure cooker. Thus, the journey is littered with encounters, adventures and evolutions as well as transformations.

The method allows you to effectively manage stress, anxiety, sleep, tension, compulsions, etc… by actively listening to your body’s feelings. It is like having a dialogue with one’s body and emotions, so patients learn to trust their body and their emotions again and this makes life easier. In this way, the body and emotions become allies, no longer a struggle but a welcome and compassion for one’s own body and emotional mechanisms.

The fields of application are multiple :

a suffering in the body, the preparation of a surgical intervention, PMA, addictions, the repetition of pathology, ex: angina, cysts etc. Very effective for HPI, Hypersensitive, Autistic Asperger, etc. I like to work on life stages: mourning, separation and abuse (physical, psychological …), toxic relationships. Probably because of my life history.

Example of a PCM session (the main passages) :

A patient with relational difficulties, lacks self-confidence, feels wronged in his relationships with others, both in his friendly and professional life. Big feeling of incomprehension. He is always adapting to the other, whom he perceives as both a velvet glove and a spike. In this session, he wishes to work on feeling stable.
The journey begins in a car with a friend of his, Annie, and her guitar, they go to a beach in Guyana. It is a memory. They stop at the beach. He enjoys the sun, her skin explains to him how she needs the sun, and the sea and how beautiful she is when she is tanned. That she also likes the sand on her skin. That she needs to be exposed to the sun and to be in contact with the water of the sea, that she is there to protect him. From what? From others. I establish a dialogue with the skin which is extremely voluble how it perceives the others: it perceives them as with velvet gloves and spikes. It needs the spikes to be less sharp, which is what happens. They become less sharp. I ask the patient to get in touch with these spikes and gloves which turn out to be present since childhood (age unknown at first). The consultant wants this to go away but I privilege dialogue and the welcoming of what is. It appears that someone hurt him, he doesn’t say what, he doesn’t know who, he was about 7 years old. Since then he has taken this form. I ask the consultant if it can take another form: yes, it turns into a little boy, it is the consultant at 7 years old. A long discussion takes place, tears, hugs, explanations on life, adults, the consultant gives his guitar to the child, he explains to him that it can comfort him, reassure him, especially in case of too strong emotions. The child gives his innocence and carefree spirit to the consultant. I invite the consultant to pass on everything he has learned to the child about the skin. The session ends with thanks, the consultant retains the skin and proposes to reconnect to his skin and to this little one as well. The consultant reveals to me after the session the problems of eczema and excessive sweating that he had in the past, as if his skin was sending him messages. The consultant is very moved, more conscious, very surprised by what has come to the surface and tired by this session.

Another example of the wisdom of the body is its acuity during a 3rd PCM on thyroid and bladder problems. My consultant noticed that she was better able to express her point of view and allowed herself to be in her voice. The consultant traveled mainly in the sensations of the body and not in the image. Throughout the session, sensations of acupuncture and acupressure at certain points of the body. In particular, after verifications on my part: the Cheng Shan point which corresponds to the bladder and the BL 62 point called Shenmai which also corresponds to the bladder. And did you know that? In Chinese medicine, the kidney and the thyroid are linked. The thyroid is always linked to the kidney because it is the organ that “governs” it. The Kidney is the engine of all the movements of the body, it regulates its temperature and maintains the vital energy. It governs the emotional functions of fear, anxiety, phobias and memory. A void of yin is associated with hyperthyroidism (insomnia, fear of heat, night sweating, weight loss, constant thirst, irritability) and a void of yang of the kidney with hypothyroidism (apathy, hypersomnia, coldness, spontaneous sweating, weight gain, water retention).


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