The Way of the Heart
And distance care

I suggest you to speak from your heart, with your heart and to stay centered in your heart.
When we meditate, our attention is focused on a part of ourselves, often on the head and in particular on the Ajna center.
This is a fundamental meditation for clear inner vision, calming the mind and connecting to our Divine Presence.
I also practice heart meditation. I breathe into my heart, I visualize my heart, I immediately connect to a very high frequency.
This frequency has been measured at 432 Hertz for the heart. There are other higher frequencies measured in Hertz such as the one for awakening and intuition.
I noticed however that with the strength of the heart, and the strength of the intention, I went further.
This is how I work when I practice distance healing.
It is similar to scalar waves. See the work of Dr. Konstantin Meyl.
Hertzian waves get weaker the further they are from the source.
Scalar waves, on the other hand, the further they go, the more they amplify.
They turn in a spiral, so a small intention will give a big intention.
Also it is possible to work at a distance.
This is how healers work, the strength of their intention connected to the energy of the heart create and receive scalar waves.
We can hear the scalar waves from sound frequencies in all rooms of a house, while you listen to them on headphones!
While meditating, I saw this information coming through the heart. At least as far as I am concerned.



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